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Kiara Sky Sea Glass Acrylic Nail Powder - SG7007 BERRY BOMB

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Whether this color reminds you of a jelly donut or your favorite red lip gloss, you’ll be looking Berry Bomb with this unique blend of red and pink on your nails. Plus, anything that reminds us of jelly donuts is good in our books.

"It’s not just sheer, it’s not just jelly, it’s something completely new! Our Seaglass Collection includes 8 gorgeous acrylic colors with a translucent, glass-like finish! From a subtle frosted white to a juicy watermelon to the perfect seaglass teal, you’re guaranteed to find your newest color obsession! Get the sea glass effect with our Velvet Matte non-wipe topcoat!"

Product Type:  SHEER

Size: 2 oz
Made in the USA

PLEASE NOTE: We strive to make our digital color swatches as accurate as possible to the actual product color but due to different monitor settings and electronic devices colors may differ slightly.

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